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Into the sea was

 Shanghai new hai de Logistics Development Co. Ltd is provided from the logistics management, logistics planning, system design to implementation scheme of the professional third party logistics enterprises, the company registered capital of 10000000 yuan. In ten years we continue to grow and develop, we now have Shanghai the freight forwarding Co. Ltd., Shanghai hi-tech Logistics Co. Ltd., Shanghai sea crane equipment installation Co., ltd.. In order to meet the need of market development, we established the Shanghai Tai Hai Shipping Co., Ltd., is committed to domestic shipping service. Our full range of logistics services including:

□□mains supply chain management logistics distribution, return and the cargo logistics

□city distribution and short-haul transport□auto parts logistics

□□large transport machinery lifting and installation

□the inland waterway transportation and container transportation - logistics value-added service

The new hai de logistics as a professional logistics service provider, we adhere to the customer as the center, is committed to providing to create value for customer service. Through process reengineering and development of logistics business itself, depend on abundant resources in an open system, build a hub city as the core, covering the whole country 's advanced logistics service network system. At the same time, relying on the dense network of services, advanced management information system, transparent, flexible, years of logistics management experience, a full range of value-added logistics services, to help customers reduce the final target cost, improve the response speed of the terminal, to establish an efficient operation of the supply chain system.

The company provides services for a wide range, including mechanical equipment, auto parts, raw materials, electrical equipment, nonferrous metal, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical products, exhibition services, fast moving consumer goods industry.

Relying on the powerful network fully implemented from raw material procurement to finished product delivery; covers the overall service, warehousing, packaging, transport agent, distribution, value-added services, insurance and other supply chain management; and has accumulated rich and successful experience, to become a good logistics provider.

The new hai de logistics to create professional service, management innovation of the enterprise brand, adhere to the " full care, rest assured entrusted " the concept of brand management, providing a full range of logistics services for every customer.